Sunday, August 26, 2012

I've Crawled Out From Under My Rock!

I know I've been away for awhile. Life just got the best of me and have been running non-stop. I am hopefully settling into some kind of routine and I am hoping to be able to get back to writing and keeping up with everyone's blogs again. There is probably way too much to update on and no way I can cover it all in one post, so I'll start with a run down of what's been going on and fill you in on details and pics later.

1. Pilgrim is back home from training and doing fantastic. I have just filled out the paperwork to enter our first show and will be competing in Training level test 2 and 3. I will post some pics of me riding him in the next post I do because he looks awesome! We are currently schooling 1st and 2nd level moves.

2. Johnny is fully back to work and doing lots of lessons. Faith has officially fallen head over heels for him and is showing him next weekend at Stonegate. He continues to improve. Faith rides him all over on trails, flats and jumps him.

3. Faith had a major accident this summer, taking a hoof to the face, which left her with a bad concussion, a broken jaw and lots of stitches....and all of us having heart attacks as we sat in the hospital with her. She had to take 2 weeks off of riding which was probably the toughest 2 weeks she has ever had.....she had several breakdowns over it. She was very brave over her accident and held everyone together.

4. Both my kids started doing the Virtual Academy this year. It is like homeschooling but still run by the state and considered public education, you just get to do it on your own schedule and at your own pace. My kids were not being challenged in regular school and we all wanted more time to we are giving it a shot. You will probably be hearing lots more about this as the year goes on. We have had some ups and downs, but overall are very happy with the change. The kids are loving it and while I am exhausted and working harder than ever....I have to say it is very rewarding.

5. We have a new horse training to sell. Her name is Millie....although I need to come up with something cooler. I like Curb Appeal, but am open to suggestions. We are working on getting a steering wheel and some brakes, I think she is going to be really nice!

6. Jazzy and Chip are both doing great. Jazzy just got front shoes on for the first time ever. She has always been barefoot but struggled this year with being sore a lot. She is doing lots of lessons and doing walk, trot, canter, and I figured I was doing her a disservice by not making her more comfortable. She feels so much better with them on. Chip is same old Chip, fat and happy.

7. I hit my weight watchers goal weight! GO ME!!! I feel great!

8. My brother built and is racing a stock car. Don't ask.

Well, I think that covers most everything. The family is all well. The hubby and I just celebrated our anniversary and I remind myself everyday how lucky I am to have him in my life. I look forward to the day when life will get less hectic and we can spend more time doing nothing but sleeping in late together, cuddling on the porch reading, or any other lazy day things!