The Rest of the Family

  Trooper - I've had Trooper since he was a puppy of about 4 months old. I was given him by a vet student about 5 years ago who did not have time for him and was concerned he was already showing aggression at his young age. I was suppose to put him through a puppy boot camp of training and socialization and then try to find him a new home. Well, I managed the boot camp, but then fell in love with that face. Best decision ever! He is just a great dog who is so loyal, loving, and smart. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He knows tons of tricks and is very well mannered. He loves to go for rides in the truck and visiting new places (especially if that place serves ice cream!) He's a frequent visitor to Lowes.
Update: We sadly lost Trooper to Chronic Renal Failure in November 2011. He has left a whole in our hearts that can never be filled. He will be missed!

  Scout - Chuck and I adopted Scout from the shelter when he was 8 weeks old. He broke with parvo virus a week later and we nursed him through it. He's a unique dog with a one of a kind personality. We recently decided to start training him for agility and will start competing for our first title later this year. He is loving it and looks forward to his training everyday. It's really boosted his confidence!
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Riley - She's my oldest baby. I adopted her from the shelter as a teeny tiny kitten while I was pregnant with Faith. She's old, grumpy, and not afraid to loudly voice her opinions, but completely spoiled. She loves to give hugs and make biscuits in my hair.

Tuna - A stray calico cat wandered to the barn and had kittens, then passed away shortly after. We had found homes for multiple babies, but the remaining kittens kept looking for mom and were roaming the property. Afraid they would either run into a predator or get out onto the road and get hit, Heather and I took the remaining two kittens home. She got Num Num and we took Tuna. We were suppose to return them to the farm once they were old enough, but both of our husbands (mine is even allergic to cats) decided they were official members of the family, therefore must stay. He loves laying in his dad's lap and is a serious purr monster!