The Family

Chuck on Heather's warmblood, CJ
The Family

My husband Chuck. He is oober supportive of all my crazy hopes and dreams. Learning to ride himself, he is becoming interested in gaited horses and mounted shooting...neither of which I know hardly anything we are learning together! He is a computer nerd who also likes outdoorsy things like hiking, camping, and rock climbing, and is a huge Alabama football fan. Roll Tide!

Faith on her pony Chip
Faith is my daughter, turning 8 in January 2011. She is my partner in crime and everything horsey. Becoming horse crazy at the age of 3 she got a good start by learning on a lunge line several days a week. She has an amazing seat for her age and can stick to anything, earning her the nickname "glue butt" around the farm. 2010 was her first show season and after winning several blue's she is officially addicted. Now several years later she is becoming a rising Dressage star and is hoping to compete in FEI Pony soon.

Dwight on Heather's pony Billy
Dwight just turned 6 December of 2010. He loves baseball and karate and this last year started getting a little interested in riding. He enjoys western (cause he likes "the saddle with the horn") and likes going slow....I have a western protege! Finally!!! He really likes Billy the pony....who can sometimes be a bit of a stinker, but Billy always takes good care of Dwight. Dwight has asked to participate in a few shows next year, so we plan to enter him and Billy in some Walk Only classes.

Faith 2013-2014
Faith 2013 Junior/YR Training Level Champion
Faith and Johnny Cash State 4-H Training Level Dressage Reserve Champion
Faith and Mars making there First Level Debut 2014
Faith and Chip State 4-H Training Level Dressage Champions!

Dwight 2013-2014
Dwight End of Year Photo 2013
Dwight and Jazzy 2014

Chuck and I
Keeneland 2014
Love This Man!!!