The Horses

Pilgrim is a 2002 Registered Quarter Horse, AKA Dusters Legacy. The grandson of Hall of Fame horse Colonel Freckles, he was started in reigning and cutting. At the age of 3 he suffered an injury, ending any hopes of competing him, so he was studded out for many years and used for the occasional trail ride. I purchased him in November of 2009 with the intentions of making him into a western pleasure and lesson horse. While he did well with his training, his heart wasn't in it. He is now my partner in Dressage as we both attempt to learn to navigate our way through the levels. Pilgrim has been my problem child, as he has a lot of fear and he expresses it with tension, rearing and even flipping over on top of me once. He's smart and willing, but can be stubborn and pushy, but he's my baby and I love him! With help of an awesome trainer, he is becoming a Dressage Diva currently competing at 2nd Level!

Chips Ahoy
Chip is a paint pony gelding. Now in his late teens, he is my daughter's show pony and the hardest working lesson horse we've got! He was trained to do show jumping and dressage by the previous family whose little girl sadly outgrew him. He has been a great babysitter for Faith, while also challenging her to be a stronger, better rider. He thinks everything might eat him, and can be spooky, but with a confident rider is quiet and calm. He has competed in everything with my daughter and students from Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage, Showmanship, and even Western. He is always a solid guy to introduce kids to the show ring.

Jazzy is a 2003 Paint Quarter Horse mare. She is very flashy and a sweetheart. She is versatile and does well with both english and western and really enjoys jumping. She excels at Showmanship. Jazzy was given to me for $200 (basically to cover shots, coggins, farrier and trailer out) by someone who couldn't take care of her. She needed some groceries, but I liked her sweet disposition. Unfortunately, as with most rescues, she came with her own issues. Jazzy has struggled with COPD. We have gotten her symptoms under control and she enjoys doing walk/trot lessons and toting my son around the show ring.

Johnny Cash
Johnny is a 2002  Arabian gelding. He is a stunning dapple grey (one of my favorite colors). He is my "what was I thinking" purchase. I went out to look at the horse and found him in a dirt lot and close to 200 lbs underweight. They were scared to death of him and were riding him in a high port curb bit wondering why he kept throwing his head. I figured if he hadn't killed these people yet, we would get along just fine. I handed the people $500 cash and brought him took me over two hours to load him and he almost killed me in the trailer....that was the first time I thought "what was I thinking". Since then, he has fattened up, muscled out, and I have probably learned the most from him than any other horse in my life. I have learned tons of patience, that Arabians have a very different brain and personality than I am used to, and that falling off hurts a lot more as you get older! Johnny has gone on to be a solid lesson horse and would walk through fire for my daughter. He loves trail rides and jumping and has been all over showing. He recently started having seizures and was diagnosed with EPM. We are currently treating him and crossing our fingers he will recover and can one day be ridden again.