Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Big Tuna!

Chuck and Faith often argue over whose kitty Tuna really is, but I thought I should introduce him to everyone. Big Tuna (his formal name, named from one of our fave shows The Office) was suppose to be a barn/farm cat. He was part of a litter given birth by a stray mommy cat. We found homes for all the kittens, with agreements they get spayed/neutered, for all but two of the kittens which were suppose to live on the farm. Tuna and NumNum lived there happily until their mom passed away. They frantically were looking for her and began wandering, often near the road. Scared they would be injured or killed, Heather and I decided to take them home until we felt they were old enough to come back to the farm. Heather took Num and I took Tuna. Tuna and Num quickly became part of their families and the husbands informed us they would not be returning to the farm. So they each have taken up residence and Tuna officially has been running our home ever since. He is a great kitty, the kids can lug him around anywhere and he never bites or scratches, and he is quite the cuddle muffin!

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  1. I thought you were going to get a picture of the results of Tuna's big adventure the other night...While we were sleeping Tuna decided he wanted some sugar and jumped on the counter and spread a layer of sugar over the whole counter. I didn't claim him at that point :-)