Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A little late, but better than never

I know I've been slacking on updating lately, but after having a week of stomach bug and still battling through training and teaching, I was wiped beyond belief. Then, before I knew it our first show was upon us....then our second! We are currently getting ready for our third show for the season on May 14th.

So here's a quick re-cap. The first show at Rarity Bay was in some ways a great success and in others an absolute disaster. One of my students' new horse, Larkin did not want to load to leave, but we eventually worked it out and set off. Shortly after, one of our 3 trailers had a flat. After getting it fixed we made it to the show. All the horses were super well behaved and everyone was great. I think everyone successfully worked out their first show of the season bugs and are now really looking forward to the next show. Unfortunately, when we went to leave Larkin refused to load and it took us nearly 2 hours to get her back on the trailer. In the mean time, our other trailer suffered another flat tire and we had to unload all the horses and load them on another trailer that was graciously loaned to us by Fairweather Farms. One of the horses, SJ, panicked and hurt themselves gettting off the trailer and then did not want to get on the new one, causing another 2 1/2 hours delay in getting back. Needless to say, I got home around 4:30 in the morning and an absolute wreck!
Lora Grace and Faith hang out before the show.
Our Team getting ready. I'm looking for a practice spot.
Lora Grace and her new horse Larking compete in Showmanship
Faith and Chip in Halter
Lora Grace and Larkin took 2nd in Ranch Riding!
Faith and Chip took 1st in Youth Hunter and McKenzie and Cheyenne took 2nd!
Looking good girls!
Alexis took 1st in Hunter Hack on CJ
Liz and her horse Satin jumped their way to 3rd place
McKenzie and Cheyenne took 4th in their first jumping class ever!
Faith and Chip in Hunter Hack 

Faith's pony tried to kill her after the second fence, but she stuck through managing a 5th place ribbon!  
Go Faith! I'm so proud of her!
Our second show at White Pine went far smoother with only a handful of students attending. All who went had not gone to Rarity, so this was their first show of the season and a great way for them to get over their jitters. Again, everyone did really well despite a lot of good competition. Chuck was unable to come with me to this show so I'm lacking pictures, but will post the video I took of Victoria in her jumping classes soon.

I'm going to be showing one of the horses I have in training, LuLu in June in Western Pleasure, so I'm busting butt trying to get her ready. I have to get Chuck out to take pics and video of me working her and Pilgrim. Pilgrim and I have come a long way over the last month and I'm so excited with his progress! I'm still deciding which show I think he'll be ready for, but I'll let you know as soon as I pick one!

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