Friday, November 18, 2011

Update 1: Stonegate Show

Okay, so first thing is I promised I would put up pictures from the Stonegate Show, our last show team show of the season. Without my trusted hubby there to grab some photos there I had to rely on Keith's photos of Keith Mooney Photography. I was finally able to catch up with him the other day and get them. I had actually almost completely forgot about them. Thank goodness he reminded me because some of these turned out awesome. It was soooo cool to see Faith and Billy's photos from the Jumper round. They both look GREAT! Considering the kid had one 20 minute practice ride the day before the show to prepare and has never done Jumpers and managed to take 2nd.....I think they did just fine!

Showmanship and Halter Classes started the day
Faith and Chip had beautiful flat work
She loves to canter
Faith and Lora Grace did a Pleasure Pairs Class
They had to work together and stay side by side
They make a good team
They were so excited to win this class together
She took Reserve Champion of the Cross Rails Division on Chip. She also took home Top English Horse!
Faith entered Billy in his first jumping class, Cross Rail Jumpers
They both did great!
She looks amazing!
Go Billy and Faith!
Hard to believe how far she has come this year!

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