Thursday, September 6, 2012


Dear Sinus Infection,

Please go away. I feel like crap and have work to do. It is very hard to ride when the arena is spinning around you and you can't breathe.


Oh, while I'm at it:

Dear Pilgrim,

When I ask you to "whoa" so I can catch my breath, the fact that I am doubled over does not give you an open ended invitation to prance around the arena with your nose in the sky after halting for a total of 3 seconds. No I do not feel good, this is one day you could actually take care of me for a change. On the other hand, thank you for picking up the right lead canter correctly every time I asked for it and actually attempting you trot lengthenings today without adding in random steps of canter. You Rock!

your loving and very forgiving owner

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