Sunday, September 11, 2011

Showdown at Rarity

Saturday was the horse show at Rarity Bay. We had a good size turnout of our show team and several "first timers" who did great their first time out. We had 7 horses and 9 students. All of the team came with their game faces on and we brought home tons of ribbons.
Lora Grace gets Pre-show Coaching
Going over patterns with Rebecca and Payton....he's a good listener!
One last check over before Rebecca and Payton's class
Part of the team hangs out in between classes
Dwight showed for the first time. He hasn't had a lot of time to practice so I originally signed him up just for Leadline, but he impressed me with his control of Chip (Billy's dance card was full) and I let him enter Walk Only too. He did great and looked good out there! As my mom says, he makes one good looking cowboy! 
Handsome Cowboy
Daddy made his show debut as well! Good job Dad!

Flirting with the Judge always helps

Looking good in Blue!

Faith also competed. Due to the craptastic footing we decided to just do flat classes. Faith did English Halter (1st) Showmanship (3rd) Youth 12 and Under Hunter (1st) and Open Equitation (2nd). I was really proud of her Equitation class, she got both her canter leads, really good trot work, even when they made her drop her stirrups, and just had a really great ride!

Concentrating hard
Lookin' Good! stirrups
Reverse at the sit trot with no stirrups
Posting trot with no stirrups
Woohoo!!! We got the right lead canter!
You go girl!
She worked hard for that ribbon!
I was super proud of two of my students, Lora Grace and McKenzie. Lora Grace and her horse Larkin have really come together as a team and are doing great. They did Western Halter (2nd) Showmanship (1st) Go As You Please (4th) Open Ranch Riding (2nd) and Horsemanship (2nd). They rocked out their extended canter and she nailed her simple lead change and all her walk to canter transitions. I was jumping up and down screaming and clapping at the end of their classes. They have worked really hard and it definitely showed. We are really looking forward to her debut on the ARHA circuit this November.

McKenzie did her first show with the team. Despite being nervous, she did great. We just did a few classes so she could get used to everything. She used Payton and it was his first show as well. They did Showmanship (4th) In Hand Trail (2nd) and Green Ranch Riding (3rd).
Opening the gate
Sidepass pole
What tarp? Piece of cake!

All in all it was a great day for the team. All the horses loaded and traveled great and we had no major drama. Unfortunately due to the atrocious footing we will not be back next year. It's got a great class list but they always have the same people come as well and the kids get no new competition. There are several shows we did this year that are closer and have better facilities and competition.


  1. Such wonderful pictures!!! Loved it!!!

  2. Thanks! I'm addicted to scrapbooking so between my husband and I we tend to take tons!

  3. I just found your blog. You have an adorable group of riders and horses. I am also a dressage enthusiast with a quarter horse.

    Your chestnut is lovely!