Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday started out misty, rainy and gross, but cleared out by the afternoon for a beautiful day. Faith stayed busy working Jazzy (after about 7 inches of rain she finally started feeling better) both on the ground and under saddle. She also rode her in with other horses (no problems here! no racing or rushing....perfectly happy to be her own horse in her own space) and we gave her a bath when done with it all. I was really excited to see them doing so well. I moved them out of the roundpen and turned them loose in the arena for their ride and with the addition of Faith carrying a crop to help keep her going, had a beautiful ride of walk/trot. I really hope we can keep the COPD in remission and keep working her. She is probably in the best shape both physically and mentally since I got her. She is gorgeous and sweet under saddle and I would love to be able to keep working her and take her to some shows next year.

After finished with lessons, working horses and chores, we decided to take advantage of it and take a break from arenas and training and go for a trail ride. While at first I wasn't really up for it, Faith talked me into it and I was really glad she did. I needed some time out just enjoying the ride. I even switched from Payton to MC (Heather's TWH pony who is super cool and a blast to ride) after the trail and Faith and I had "pony wars" in the hay field. Pony wars is just a fun race Heather and I do on occasion, but finally felt Faith was a good enough rider to enjoy some silly time as well. It consists of bringing the ponies around to the bottom of a hill and having them canter up it side by side then circling and going straight down the flat part of the field at a full gallop as fast you can and see who wins. Billy is super fast and competitive and Faith won every time but once when I finally got MC to really get going. So much fun!!! And so cool to look over and see your daughter giggling and galloping full speed past you.

I let Faith and Billy lead the way!

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