Monday, October 3, 2011


Okay, so I know I've been a total slacker lately with my blog, but I have honestly been really busy. Our September 24th show was moved to October 22 due to an outbreak of EHV-1 in the area. Luckily it has been contained and now all the farms are coming out of their self proclaimed quarantines (better safe than sorry when it comes to deadly super contagious viruses I say) we are ready to finish out our show season. So we will be back at Stonegate Farms (this time for an open show) on October 22. 

We are also getting ready and planning for our Fall Festival on the Farm on October 29th. This is the first year we will be having it but are hoping it will be an every year event if all goes well. It is being put on by the Silver Stirrups Show Team to help them purchase....well, they haven't decided yet. It's down to some super cool team hoodies for the cooler season, a field trip for the team to someplace horsey (KY Horsepark, Keeneland, etc...), or blow the money to pimp out our Christmas float we do every year for the Christmas Parade. The festival will be free to get in and we will be doing hay rides around the farm, the team will dress themselves and their horses in Halloween Costumes and do the Parade of Costumes, and of course face painting. To raise money the team will sell snacks and baked goods, we have a saddle donated to raffle off as well. The team will also be doing a silent auction of their pumpkins that they will have carved/decorated. Plus the whole farm will be decorated in fall/Halloween fun! I'm so excited.
Faith putting Jazzy back to work!

I've been slammed with working tons of horses. I've been working Pilgrim (who I'll do an update on separately later but he is going to another trainer for a little while), Jazzy, starting Heather's 4 year old rescue Walking Horse, Belle, and putting Lulu and Johnny Cash back to all my lessons. I'm exhausted!
Me on Belle, Ride #3....she's so small!
The view from aboard Belle on ride #4, on our own for this ride!
In non horsey news, both kids brought home straight A's on their report cards today! WooHoo! Faith has her last cross country run on Tuesday. She has consistently ran in the top 20 of over 400 elementary school girls. She was invited to do the post season in which only elite elementary kids are invited. After talking with the coach we have decided to wait a few years to do the post season. They were amazed to find out she was only 8! Typically it's the 5th graders who are doing really well. They don't usually see a 3rd grader come in 7th out of 408 (Faith did on her 3rd meet). I'm relieved they said to wait....we would have had to practice for 2 hours a day 4 days a week after school and travel to NC and FL to run. Hmmm....let me just squeeze that in between eat and sleep.
Waiting on the starting line
Finally! Here comes the man with the gun!
Warming up
The first meet was in the rain...Faith was soaked!
Faith is somewhere in this mess of girls!
Totally ready to rock it!
With all the craziness this summer/fall and hectic schedules, I've found we have been eating whatever we can grab the quickest and while the kids are still bean poles, Chuck and I have not fared so well. So we have begun our quest to get back to eating healthy, with a little help from Weight Watchers. (I couldn' t do another round of works great and I lose weight fast...but there is a reason it is called Insanity and it has a lot to do with not being able to walk for about a month!) So we are cutting way back on eating out and grabbing lunches on the go and planning healthy meals and snacks. Who said eating right couldn't taste good!
Chocolate Buttermilk Bundt Cake.....YUM! Only 4 Points Plus

Chicken, Wild Rice and Mushrooms

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