Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Doctor Is In

The vet came out today for shots and coggins on the critters that need it. Chip also got his teeth floated. Johnny still has been struggling with his right front shoulder so I had the doc check that out too. He seems sound when I lunge him but when I go to ride him he throws a giant fit after just a few steps. He is obviously still in pain. I even tried Faith to see how he would do with someone lighter and he still struggled. Frank (our vet) looked at him and said he had some deep tissue damage in the shoulder near the elbow and will need between 4-6 weeks of rest. ARRRGGGG! Just as he was going so well! His new dressage bridle just came in and he looks soooooo good! Before it came in I got my new surcingle that actually fits him and he did great in side reins! I guess he can relax and enjoy his time off and we will have to wait to go back to work. It's disappointing but there is nothing I can do.

Since I had to get Lulu out for the vet anyways, I decided to take her for a spin this morning while it was pretty out. She did great, like she never had any time off. I'm excited to put her back to work. Some may remember her from last year as a free horse given to a family after found tangled in some barbed wire. I trained her for several months and even took her to a show. The family kind of left her in pasture over the winter and didn't do anything with her. They wanted to start riding her again, but of course she hasn't done anything for months and they are super beginners. I made them a deal that I would work with her for free in exchange to get to use her for lessons. I will probably also be showing her again the year or have one of my students show her. I love working with her and am excited to have her back in the program.

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