Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stonegate Show

The team competed last Saturday in the first show of the season at Stonegate Farms. The horses were great, the team did awesome, I was super happy. 

Faith and Chip won High Point English and despite being up against the entire Maryville College Equestrian Team in most of her classes, she still rocked it out and placed well in all her classes. Her equitation was perfect and she got her canter leads....I was so happy. One of my other students, Lora Grace won High Point Youth with her horse Larkin. One of Heather's students brought home High Point Gaited! Yep.....we went in and kicked butt! Not too shabby for the first show of the season. The show ran late and Faith didn't get to do her Jumper class for fun, but hopefully we will get another shot at it.
Everyone getting ready
Looking Pretty
Best Friends!
Lora Grace and Larkin
McKenzie and Payton
McKenzie and Payton In-Hand Trail
Jordan on Sandman
Caitlin on Billy
One of the crazy peacocks that chases us on the farm
One of the can see Faith in there on Chip
Warm Up arena before jumping
Faith and Chip
Katie on Parker
Faith on Chip
Rocking it in her new saddle

Dwight didn't show in this show. He hasn't really had time to practice riding or get ready. He wants to try to be ready for the next show, so he's been riding Jazzy for me the last couple days and they have been doing great together! She looks just as cute going western as she does hunter (she's going to be an awesome all around horse!). They have been practicing walk and jog and look great. I think they will be fine, she seems to like him and he loves riding her. 

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