Wednesday, December 24, 2014

JJ Tate Clinic

My daughter Faith rode the first weekend in December with JJ Tate. She was really nervous wanting to do really well. It's the first time I've ever seen her truly nervous, she's usually cool as a cucumber for all her shows, lessons...everything. WAY more chill than mom!

The clinic was outstanding as always. We were so lucky as a horse community to get her twice this year. I learned a ton by watching other riders and their horses and listening to how to fix little problems, improve certain areas, and how to think through problems. You certainly do not have to ride with JJ to learn something from her clinics.

My trainer brought Pilgrim 1 of the 2 days to just see how things were going since coming back from a month with JJ. They were really happy with his progress and have homework of introducing the double bridle and getting ready for flying changes so they can do 3rd level. So exciting.

Faith rode both days. Both her rides went exceptionally well. JJ nicknamed her "kid pro" which I found out later was JJ's nickname as a kid. JJ asked Faith if she would like to come ride ponies for her and told her to come to Florida for awhile this winter, Faith was floating away on cloud 9. So now we are waiting to get through the holidays, but then we go into planning stages for next year, including a trip to Florida.

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