Monday, June 13, 2011

Anderson County 4-H Show Re-cap

We had 11 students compete at the Anderson County show! The show this year had a great turnout! Poor Lora Grace and Caitlyn were in the first Showmanship class that had 17 kids in it and took over an hour! Lora Grace took 2nd!!! It would take me forever to list everyone's outstanding accomplishments at this show, so I'm going to do a quickie re-cap of some of the highlights and happenings:

  • As all shows do, it started late and ran late...after arriving at 7:30am, we didn't get back til after 10pm
  • We got rained on multiple times during the day, and the weather rotated from sunny and hot, to cloudy and chilly. How we all didn't end up sick is amazing.
  • Victoria did great in Hunter Showmanship taking 1st, but unfortunately Leah came up lame and had to scratch all riding classes. 
  • Lora Grace took 2nd in a large, long and very competitive western showmanship class, then turned around to take 1st in Halter out of 15 horses! She also placed 3rd in both of her Ranch Riding classes. It should be noted she was also always the youngest competitor in her classes!
  • While Caitlyn H. did not place in either Halter or Showmanship, she competed admirably in large, tough classes...and went on to take 5th and 6th place in her Ranch Riding classes respectively. 
  • Alexis took 2nd in Hunter Showmanship. She placed in both of her hunter classes, but I honestly couldn't tell you what! We had 6 of our students all competing in Hunter rounds....I know they all placed at least once!
  • On that note: Caitlyn K, Emma, Alexis Faith, Emily, McKenzie all competed in Hunter rounds and did excellent!
  • One I can tell you her placings is Faith! She took 5th in a large Hunter Showmanship class....and while she was disappointed, I was thrilled! It was a tough class, she was the youngest, and she did a great job! She did not place in Hunter Halter which upset her pretty bad, but redeemed herself in riding classes. Both Hunter rounds she took 2nd place in! Both classes were large, she was always the youngest and she was competing against all of our other students along with other very skilled riders.
  • All of our students scratched Beginner Hunter Hack 18" when the judge suddenly decided to make it a 3' crossrail and added in a group Hand Gallop. It was one of the scariest classes I've ever watched!
  • Jordan was our only Gaited competitor and she did us proud placing 1st in Gaited Showmanship (not sure her Halter placing...I was at the trailers and Jane was coaching her), 2nd and 4th in her riding classes. 
  • Our final competitor of the day was Victoria's mom, Cynthia. They have one adult class at the end of the day called the Bill Payers special that is a walk and "go as you please" class. Cynthia is a very new and very nervous rider, but placed 5th! Go Cynthia....many more ribbons to follow!


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