Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Riverdale Washout!

Faith getting ready to Barrel on Billy
Well, we made it to the Riverdale Show and crossed our fingers that the storm that was heading straight for us would suddenly make a U turn. That didn't happen. I will say I was very proud of LuLu! She loaded like a dream, trailered out great, unloaded calmly, and seemed totally unstressed by her change of environment. She hung out tied to the trailer like a champ! I'm very excited for our next show....I think she'll do great. Maybe I'll even get to ride her!

So we got to the show and got all the horses unloaded. The first classes were the speed events that we were able to get through. Lora Grace raced her horse Larkin in Youth Pole Bending and Faith raced Billy in Youth Barrels. Lora Grace won her division! Faith took 3rd. As always, I was very proud of my little girl! She beat out many other girls and the only two that beat her were both 16-17 year old girls racing 17 second times (they probably should have been in the open division, but I'm not going to complain). Faith came in at 24 seconds....great for her and that little pony! Faith won $10 for coming in 3rd and was so excited! Right after the speed events ended the storm rolled in and we loaded up and rolled out!

Lora Grace on Larkin start their Pole Pattern
Turning for home
Running home!

Barrel 1
Barrel 2
Barrel 3
Turning for home!
Go Girly, Go!
Run Pony, RUN!

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