Friday, April 20, 2012

Johnny At Work

I've been riding Johnny and really started working on contact this week. It's a struggle to get him in the correct bend, but it seems like once he gets there he is really nice and reaching to the bit. It feels great. Unfortunately he is not real steady in the contact yet and sometimes really fights it, but every ride gets better and better. I'm super excited with his progress and can't wait to see how he comes along. It's also a huge confidence boost for me since I've managed to find the correct bend and am able to get him on the bit all on my own. Since he is so small and I'm so tall, sometimes he talks me into leaning forward, which I have to work on, but I'm getting better about my position on him which has really helped. I hope to keep riding him 4-5 days a week as long as the weather cooperates and I'll try to post another video in the next week or two to show his progress. Check out that awesome saddle pad! Love it!

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