Friday, April 20, 2012

Pilgrim at Trainers

Pilgrim managed to survive the trip to the trainers and has started going to work. While it's just the first week and she says they are still working and figuring each other out so don't expect much....I have to say I was really motivated and excited by how well she did with him. He is still putting up a constant fight to everything but they are working through it. She has discovered that he lacks both straight and forward, and he is really tricky to ride since you have to pretty much get both at the same time, where as some horses if you get just get one then you can work on the other. Not so much with Pilgrim. His other big problem is he thinks about stuff and talks himself into being upset. He will go along fine, and then suddenly freak out even though nothing has changed. Hopefully this will help him. He's kind of a big baby, and while both my trainer and I agree that he will never be easy to ride, this might make him more manageable. It was kind of funny that about 3/4 of the way through her ride he made this loud groan that pretty much sounded like him saying "Arrggg.....I can't get away with ANYTHING!!!!" So funny. Then he just snorted and went back to work.

Here he is:

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