Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pilgrim's Progress

As most will remember, my beautiful Quarter Horse Pilgrim is how this blog all started. Kind of a hot mess of horse with all his own emotional/fear based baggage and our journey into the uncharted territory of Dressage. Slowly we have been working it all out through lots of lessons, training, and clinics with top riders including JJ Tate and Janet Foy. He still is not easy, and he still can have those "moments" that we have now nicknamed a "Pilgrim Moment", but he is becoming a happy and willing partner who really tries. You can't ask for more than that.
Pilgrim at the Kentucky Horse Park

I'm so excited to announce Pilgrim is currently and successfully showing at Second Level with my wonderful trainer on board. He is schooling Third and Fourth Level movements and has even begun work on Piaffe. I couldn't be a prouder horsey momma.
Pilgrim showing off his medium trot in his Second Level Test

We recently returned from the National Dressage Pony Cup in Lexington, KY where Pilgrim...aka Dusters Legacy, won the Champion for Quarter Pony Breed Award. He even got his first 70% at Second Level. He is becoming so fancy! Every time we start to think he can't...he proves us wrong.


 I've taken some time off riding him myself and allowed my trainer to work with him and show him while I focused on improving my riding and starting one of her young horses that I have since purchased. Nitrox, my new 16.2 hand American Sport Pony! But more on him later. Faith actually has plans to ride Pilgrim over the winter under supervision of my trainer and work towards the FEI Pony Test.

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