Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Agility Dog!

What started as a fun way to help boost Scout's confidence and give him a job, has completely taken over! Scout is loving it, Trooper is jealous and now trying to do it too! Scout has come such a long way, from being scared of any new object he was introduced to, to ready to take on any new challenge without looking twice. Both of my dogs have rejuvenated their love of training and learning. I have also come back to something I love. I didn't realize how much I seriously missed dog training and am glad I put it back to good use. So now 15-30 minutes of everyday is devoted to training again. We have introduced him to several different jumps of different heights, including solid jumps, spreads, oxers, tire jumps (we use a hoola hoop), and cavalleties. He also has been working on a pause table and dog walk. We have a tunnel on order and need to build the A frame, and find weave poles, but after that it's just working him on his coursing skills and developing control off-leash. Trooper does great off leash, but speed will be his issue. He is so funny....when he was a puppy I tried introducing agility and built him a mini course and he wanted nothing to do with it, but now that Scout is doing it and getting attention, he suddenly decided he wants to do it too! It's funny how competitive they get!
We are going to try to get our first Agility Title this year. Our first competition will be the end of September in Franklin, TN. We will compete in Starters Standard Agility. We may even let Trooper have a go at it too!

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