Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back on Track

I know I have been missing in action among the blogging world, but I have good excuses. Actually I don't...just that crazy time of year with holidays, birthdays, and life all catching up with me. I think things have finally settled down a bit and I am beginning to get back on a normal schedule. Of course I have tons of updates, but since it worked so well last time I think I'm going to break them down into separate smaller posts over the next day or two.

Just a few quick things that I'll expand on in the upcoming posts:

I am settling into weekly lessons with my trainer which I will continue until the spring when I will be putting Pilgrim in training for at least 30 days. We were able to also trailer Chip out to her as well and Faith got in a lesson which was really helpful. We will try to get her out there when we can, maybe once a month to help get her ready for some schooling shows in the spring.

Jazzy is back on rest. Winter is being hard on her and she has been struggling with her cough for several weeks now. Hopefully she will clear up by spring and she can go back to work. Faith is really looking forward to working with her some more.

Johnny is doing well, although I've had little time to work with him. I'm hoping to squeeze him in more often over the next couple of months, especially with Jazzy out of work rotation for awhile. He is eager to come out and work and his balance and strength is really improving. I see it most at the canter where the cross firing in the back has almost completely gone and he is able to hold it longer. He is a little ball of energy and I can't wait to see how well he turns out this year. I'll try to get some videos of him soon.

Hope everyone had a safe, fun, and happy holidays and I am looking forward to an exciting new year.

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