Saturday, January 7, 2012


The whole family had a wonderful Christmas. While we tried to save and cut back on presents, I think everyone really enjoyed what they got! Chuck always takes the week between Christmas and New Years off for some well deserved time at home, and it was wonderful to have him home. If only we could win the lottery so he never had to go back. Unfortunately that didn't happen (though we did get some tickets), and he is sadly back to work. With him gone, it is lonely at home and I am spending my days camped out at the farm.

Pics from Christmas Eve at Grandma's and Christmas morning at our house. We left our camera at Grandma's on accident on Christmas Eve, so all we had was cell phones for Christmas morning.
Scout in the Christmas spirit!
He was Santa's helper
Faith helped Grandma in the kitchen (well she at the food, while Grandma cooked)
Faith and Dwight and Grandma's dog Peanut pose for their Christmas picture!
Grandma and Faith
She's getting so BIG
Dad, kicking back and enjoying the day
Present Time!
Uncle Tom's dog Alley looking for her present
Tuna decided the best present was the garbage bag of  wrapping paper Christmas morning
Exhausted after a morning of opening presents
Faith's gift to true!
Dwight looking handsome in his pajamas Christmas morning. 
Faith scoping out presents early Christmas morning

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