Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Calling all Eventers

My daughter has officially decided to test the waters this year! So we are on the hunt for schooling horse trials that have an easier one to try (they are called something different everywhere, Intro, Hopeful, Amoeba, Green, Etc). I can't find anything really locally, but found a few at FENCE in Tryon, NC. I know some of the local eventing stars travel there quite often. So I need some advice....1. Is there anything closer to home that anyone knows about that she can try? 2. What can we do to prepare for this? 3. Should I get her a few lessons with one of the local eventing trainers before we go, or try it and see if she likes it first? 4. Are there any groups/teams traveling to some of these that would be willing to show some newbies the ropes and give some encouragement to a 9 year old little girl and her pony?

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