Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pony Party

Since Faith was 3 year old she has begged for a pony Birthday party. Unfortunately her birthday is in January and it's usually colder than snot. This year however, due to a mild winter, and a hefty helping of procrastination in planning a party.....we were able to do a pony party! Faith had a blast, cantering all over the place bareback until finally throwing on a saddle to hop over some low crossrails for fun. Sometimes I'm still shocked how far she has come as a rider and how talented and mature she really is for her age. (She's mine....I get to gush sometimes!) I was happy she FINALLY got the party she always wanted.

After cake, the girls even got to work the 2 new Shetland pony rescues we have that need to be handled, broke, and trained. They had a blast!
On a side note, Faith is getting a new/used saddle for her birthday. Faith wanted to be sure to get the right saddle, not just one in time for her birthday...a good decision on her part. So we got her some smaller things for the big day and have been hunting down a saddle. She has sat in several and honestly hated, or disliked most of them. She liked the Pessoa the best but they didn't have one in her size on consignment. She likes the older models with the softer leather. If anyone knows of one in the 15" to 15 3/4" size let us know! I think that's going to be the one!

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