Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1 Sick Child, Shiny Things and Strawberry Squares

Faith is home from school sick (vomiting and fever) and I have rescheduled all my lessons to stay home with her. I'm kind of tired of watching tween drama and cartoons so figured I would let you know how Valentines went.

The scallops and risotto were a hit. The kids especially liked the risotto. Besides my gorgeous flowers delivered to my doorstep, my hubby continued to spoil me with shiny things. A beautiful bracelet that the description labels as "Silver Stirrups" (a throwback to our show team) and a pair of horse shoe earrings. These have a special meaning since I still have a pair from when I first started showing as a youth, but all the stones sadly have fallen out over the years. I once told Chuck I wish I could find some just like them to wear when I show now, but haven't found any. He remembered! Did I mention he's perfect?

These will definitely bring me good luck. (Ever notice how perfectly normal/sane people become superstitious about horse which socks did I wear when I won that blue ribbon.....I'm only wearing them from now on!)

After dinner while the boys were at Karate I made these yummy strawberry squares. I was looking for something for Valentines Day and liked that they had the hint of red and looked a bit fancy. I wasn't sure how they were going to turn out since I'd never made them before and I thought judging by the recipe they were going to be kind of like cookie bars, but they are more like a dense cake.....and soooooo good! So far everyone has loved them! I hope Faith is feeling better soon so she can eat some. I know she'll love them and it will reduce the amount I will be trying to sneak in my mouth. These were really easy to make can check out the recipe here: Skinny Strawberry Squares
These were super quick to get ready to throw in the oven!
The recipe says cool to room temperature, but I served them still a little warm  and we liked them best like that!
Only 4 points! I totally ate 2 

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  1. OOHHH...I love jewelry! The dessert looks yum, too.