Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Man in Black is Back to Work

Johnny Cash is ready to work! I've been working on lunging him and lightly riding him (tack walks) for the last couple of months. He has some hoof wall separation that we are working on healing more trim and he should be good to go. Faith has rode him a few times on a lunge line at the walk and trot and really likes him. She can't wait to be turned loose with him, but he's a whole lot of Arabian so we are going to take our time on that one.

Johnny has trouble with his balance so the lunging has been important in helping him with tempo, relaxation, and strength.....which ultimately is helping his balance as well. Once he gets his hooves fixed up and a new bridle and bit ordered for him, and his teeth done, he is back to riding full time (I am hoping by March). I am so excited, he is coming along really nicely. His brain has normalized and he is back to being a quiet (well as quiet as you can really get an Arabian to be) puppy dog and is really listening. I'll keep you updated on his progress.

 Johnny's 2012 goals:
1. Get his new dressage bridle in and start lunging in side reins
2. Improve balance and strength and start working under saddle
3. Work on trailering issues and be able to easily load/haul/unload him
4. Pay trainer to put a few training rides on him once completely back to work
5. Compete in a dressage schooling show by fall

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