Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Clear Skies and a Hunter Pace

After close to two weeks straight of rain, it finally cleared out late last week. Took several more days to dry the arenas out to the point they were not swimming pools. It had me seriously wishing I had a covered or indoor arena! I successfully crammed a weeks worth of students/lessons into Friday and Saturday, which both turned out beautiful.

Sunday, Faith and I headed out to Riverplains Farms to volunteer for the Hunter Pace. It is put on by our local Dressage and Combined Training Club each year and was a huge success with a big turnout. Last year the entire family volunteered and we worked the jump course. This year I left the boys at home to grocery shop and do some chores around the house while us girls worked the 4 mile Flat course. So glad to see so many people come out, having a laid back good time, and enjoying their horses. We definitely plan to ride it next year. There is even talks of have two next year, one in the spring and one in the fall!
Faith set up and ready for the first rider to check in
Start line for 4 mile flat course
Jump Course

I love Riverplains Farms. They often host the Tennessee Valley Hunts and are big on farm to market growing. The farm is huge, boasting everything from cornfields to chickens, cows to turkeys, pigs to horses, all on their lovely rolling property. Sunday the owners were also having a family reunion at their farm. The air came alive with the sounds of children running and laughing, horses hooves galloping, birds singing in the trees, and a guitar softly strumming from the front porch. As a brisk fall breeze blew, I sat with the sun warming my face and despite all the noise thought how quiet and peaceful it was out there. It's funny how a strange place can instantly feel so much like home.
A few riders out on the flat course that takes you around Riverplains Farms cornfield
The chickens were right next to our tent. I think Faith named them all.
Yesterday we were tired from a long weekend, but managed to pull ourselves together to get through our morning school work and head to the farm for afternoon lessons and riding. Was really happy with Nitrox putting on his brave boy pants and letting us ride him at dusk and into the dark. He was a bit nervous, but gave us a nice workout to end the day.
You can almost make Nitrox out in the picture! He did good into the dark. 
Looks like the weather for this week will be perfect. No rain, a little cool, but not cold temps and lots of ponies to ride! We will be spending part of our week getting ready for our Fall Festival at the Farm this weekend. It's an annual tradition that includes costumes for both humans and horses, a spooky pumpkin walk through the trails, silent auction, lots of food, and tons of fun. A fundraiser for our Show Team kids, they raise money for team items they want, like matching hats, sweatshirts, etc. The kids always come up with such creative costumes. I can't wait to share pics of what they came up with this year!

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