Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pretty, Shiny Things

My post about luxury made me think of some of the more material lux items that I sometimes daydream about. Especially coming back from some Regional Championships where I saw lots of fabulous stuff. Oh Dressage world, how you tempt me with all your glittery, sparkly, shiny things.  Hmmm, let me count the ways:

1. I am absolutely in love with this bridle.

 It's gorgeous, would look great on Nitrox, and isn't completely out of the realm of affordability. I'm currently saving my pennies.

2. Custom boots. I wish I could make some excuse for why I have to have a pair of these, alas they are out of my budget.

***On a bright note, several companies are now offering custom bling work to just about anything anymore. So you can make your boots look like you took a second mortgage on the house to get them, and not have to!!!! The Secret Magpie, http://www.thesecretmagpie.com/ is one of my faves.

3. Blinged out helmets, yes please! Makes me want to topple off something so I have an excuse to replace my current helmet. Maybe one of the electric ones at Walmart will buck me off.

4. Coats with color

Maybe it's that Western Pleasure side of me crying out for crystals and color, but I was so excited to see so much bling and color going on at Regional Championships. There was even a girl a saw wearing a VERY purple show coat. That might be a bit over the top, even for me, but life's too short to wear things you hate...so fly your fashion freak flag!

5. Crystal Plaiting Bands. Yes, they exist, and yes, I want some!

What are some things you are currently drooling over?

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