Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Equine Chiropractor, Interesting Article

I just read an interesting article that drummed up some internal debate. I use a chiropractor about three to four times a year on Pilgrim. I use a DVM who also underwent chiropractor training. We can always tell when he needs one done. Very tight under saddle, tail swishing, resistance, and not forward. After she comes out, a whole new horse. We always see a major improvement after he is done.

The article LINK-Click me, written by a well known DVM, basically states that chiropractic work on horses does not work and we are dumping our money down the drain using one. There are some things I am hesitant on, especially if no studies have been done to show they actually work, like massage. Acupuncture is currently in studies and is being shown to cause improvement. I don't really question my chiropractic care since I see visible improvement in my horses behavior under saddle. I'm certainly not going to quit using one, but the article does raise valid points, especially about training of Equine Chiropractors.

Who else uses a Chiropractor and what are your thoughts?

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  1. Love Dr. Ramey. He has a lot of interesting favorites are on isoxuprine and adequan. Totally eye opening!