Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fun DIY Stall Plates

We used to make these as kids in 4-H for our stalls at competitions. I decided I wanted to make one for my new boy. Instead of hanging it on a stall door, I'm going to find a place in the house to hang it. Eventually I'm going to add a way to hang ribbons below it. I've toyed with adding doll rods to hang them from.

So for those of you who want to make one for your special critter:

Step 1: Buy wooden plaque. I got mine for about $3 from Walmart in the crafts section. It's how I got the idea. I was trying to find a fun art project for the kids to do and came home with one for myself to do too!

Step 2: Pick a base color. If you like the wood look you can stain the wood to the darkness you want. For mine I did Metallic Gold. I like to use spray paints for the base as it gives a nice even finish. Let dry at least 2 hours.

Step 3: Decorate! I painted his name on it in sparkly blue and my daughter helped pick decorative stickers and we glued on some bling for fun. If you are super artsy I've seen some with the face of their horse painted on it as well. I'm not that talented, so I stuck with simple.

Step 4: Hang on your stall, around the barn, or in your home!

These are so fun and so easy to customize to your own style and taste. Like for Pilgrim I'm going to wood burn his name in the plaque and stain the wood a cherry color.

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