Friday, March 11, 2011

Drawing the line

Spring has sprung...if you ignore the last few days of rain mixed with snow mixed with cold. But the outlook is sunny and warm for a whole week and I can't wait!

With spring comes warmer weather, sunny skies, flowers blooming, and ..... well the girls start to smell really nice! Pilgrim and CJ both used to be stallions and were live bred, so the girls smell real pretty. They started playing rough, then picking at each other, and finally fighting. So with both of them competing this year we couldn't have them looking like they just came out of a war. We had to draw the line....or at least run a fence. Their pasture is now divided. They can spend days together when we can watch them but are being split up at night. Bad Boys!

On a side note, Lulu's training is going great and I'm letting her little girl ride her on Monday. She will be with us for at least another 30 days and we have a new horse Lotti starting training next week for a 30 day tune up. We also have several clinics and shows starting up!

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