Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday Clinic a Success

Pattern Demonstration
Our first clinic: Showmanship and Halter/Putting your best hoof/foot forward, was a huge success. It was crowded with 12 students attending, but all the horses were well behaved. We had everyone from experienced to their first time trying it and everyone did well. It was a friendly, supportive atmosphere which is always good to see. Since there were so many students it was hard to cover everything and it ended up lasting an hour and a half. Everyone seemed to have a good time and took a lot away from it to work on at home. I was really impressed with how good even the little ones listened, and quickly they caught on.
Explaining the Pattern

Great Turnout!
We started with Showmanship first and I used a simplified pattern from Congress a few years ago, which was still pretty hard for a newbie, but everyone did really well. I was very impressed. After that we worked on running through a Halter class and how to perfect their performance.
Listening Closely

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