Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Crazy Week

It's been busy all week, full of lessons and training. Yesterday we also went to evaluate a new horse for training. We agreed to take it and it will be moving to the farm in April. Lulu is coming along nicely in training and I have been riding her regularly. She neck reins nicely and is becoming more and more responsive. I am going to take her out on trail next week and see how she does. We have another horse starting training next week, Lotti. I managed to get a few rides in on Pilgrim and worked some bending and flexing with him on the ground hoping to help him soften and loosen.  Faith has been working on her jumping with Chip and also started working on Intro Test C again. She wants to try to do the River Glen Schooling Show, but it's only a few weeks away and I'm not sure if she'll be ready. We're going to keep working at it and practicing and wait until closer to the closing date of registration to decide.

The best news of all is we finally found a trailer! I will post pictures soon. It's an older model, fully enclosed Turnbow 2 horse trailer with a dressing room and two full size escape doors. We are really happy with it and I can finally stop stressing about it!

Today after lessons we had a wedding to attend. Once of the girls that rides with us was getting married and we were invited! It was a lovely ceremony and she cried the whole time. We wish them a happy and long life together.

After the wedding we picked up Faith's friend who I promised could spend the night with us this weekend. While Faith has spent many nights away at other friends' houses, this was her first sleepover here. She is very excited and based on all the giggling coming from her room, they seem to be having a good time.

Hopefully the rain will go away soon....I have so much to do!

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