Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jazzy Update:

While the Tri-hist seemed to definitely help with the COPD, Jazzy would still suffer from coughing and wheezing fits on bad days. Also, it's a pain to keep on hand. It only lasts between 2-3 weeks and you have to call the vet in order to get more. I love my vet and all but with that many phone calls I better get dinner and a movie soon. The problem is it contains the equivalent of Sudafed which you can no longer get over the counter anymore. I don't think Jazzy plans on making a meth lab out of her pasture anytime soon, but I may have to investigate.

Heather and I were perusing the Co-op, getting horsey treats and grooming blocks for all the critters who started blowing out their winter coats. Heather had gotten lost in the supplement aisle and she called me over all excited. I get over there to find her proudly displaying a product called Ani-Hist. It's made by the company AniMed. I've used their AniPrin before and liked it. While it doesn't contain Sudafed (why we can purchase it at the Co-op), it does have Pyrilamine Maleate, which helps with the allergies and it has Guaifenesin, (kind of like Mucinex for horses) that helps break up the gunk so she can get it out. So basically it's a suppressant and an expectorant all in one. For the price we figured it was worth a shot.

I'm in her second week of being on it and I've seen a major improvement. She is certainly not back to normal, but I've seen reduced coughing, her flared nostrils have gone down to a normal size (which means she's not struggling to breathe as much), and she's showing increased energy. We actually let her participate in a lesson over the weekend doing Showmanship. She was so excited to be out doing things again. I'm definitely impressed so far with what I've seen and am going to keep her on it and see how it goes. It's a 40 day supply and I can get it online for only $17! A steal if it helps! Everyone cross your fingers for this pretty girl! I've liked this product so much I may switch Pilgrim's current joint supplement to AniFlex. I'll let you know if I do and what I think.


  1. And, as you can tell from the picture - Jazzy is having no problem keeping her weight up!!

  2. OMG Jazzy is a chunk! But the real reason I wanted to post was to say how much I just love Chuck.....the way he loves my girl and grandbabies I just can't help myself!

  3. I love you guys too! It's great having in-laws that you really enjoy getting to spend time with.