Monday, March 14, 2011


I started back on my diet a few weeks ago, but knew I would need to add in the dreaded exercise soon. I was hoping that increasing my riding would help me drop those hateful winter pounds before show season kicks off, but after 2 lbs. dropped off the first week, I stalled out.

This is pretty typical for me. Last year when I wasn't losing with the diet I decided to hit the gym, working out 4 days a week, to no avail. Chuck and I both struggled to kick any excess pounds so we decided to something a little crazy and extreme and we bought the Insanity Workout Program. It kicked our butts! We were sore for the first 2 weeks and it's the only workout I've done that I've had to wear a heart monitor to stay safe during....but I lost around 20 lbs in 6 weeks. It's really hard, it's 6 days a week, but it works...and fast.

So I decided today that I would jump back into Insanity again. I got through the warm up great, but after almost throwing up twice during my day 1 fitness test - I wondered if I might be insane for doing this again, but once again as soon as I was done I could start feeling the difference in my body. I went from stiff to more flexible and already feeling stronger...and a little sore.

Look out...I'll be hot and sexy in no time! Well, I'll at least be thin! =)

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  1. What do you mean - will be hot and sexy?!? You are already hot and sexy - and no, I'm not biased!!