Sunday, March 13, 2011

Some days are perfect!

What an awesome Saturday...although my sore body may argue otherwise. After teaching multiple lessons, riding 4 horses, ground working 2, and lunging Pilgrim, I think my body may start to revolt.

Dwight participated in his first Karate tournament and took 3rd place in his division! Great job Dwight! I had lessons starting at 8:30am so I unfortunately missed the tournament, but Chuck took tons of pictures for me, Faith helped cheer him on, and Dwight was proud to show off his medal.
Dwight receiving his 3rd place medal

Dwight sparring

Dwight sparring
Dwight and some pals

Faith and Dwight

After the tournament Chuck and the kids came by the farm. Chuck wanted to work on adding some additional padding to the inside of the trailer for me. Such a sweet horsey husband! Faith came in handy as I had her help me with Lulu. Her primary rider will be a 6 year old little girl. She's been taking lessons on Chip while I have Lulu in training, but I would like for her to at least be able to walk around on Lulu at her next lesson. So today after I rode the Lu of the Lu, I threw Faith up on her. Heather and I led them around the arena, then out in the field. After everyone was comfortable we let Faith take over in the round pen. Lulu seems to understand it's her job to take care of the kid and was very quiet and careful. The more I work with this horse the more I like her! Faith was so excited to get to help, listened very well and stayed quiet and patient in the saddle, and of course couldn't stop talking about it later!
Faith helping with Lulu
Future generation of horse trainers!

Hmmm....she looks awfully cute in Western....=)

Chip, having had several lessons, was fairly tired by the time Faith had a chance to visit with him. She wanted to ride but knew he'd had a long day so they decided to just go for a fun bareback walk....but of course they stopped to pose for some pictures!
They are both camera hams!
Don't ask me how she did this without falling off! But Chip obviously doesn't seem to care much. On a side note, you can't see, but her helmet was removed for this pic only per Faith's request (aka several minutes of begging) then immediately placed back on her head and there is someone within arms reach in front of Chip for safety. 

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  1. I think she looks GREAT doing western....and please tell Dwight we are so proud of him. We would have attended but Fred is pretty sick.