Monday, February 28, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The UGLY

We have found in our quest to find a horse trailer all of the above. It has been the most frustrating process. We found a truck in less than a week and I love it! Looking for a trailer however, well that's another story. When starting out, I made a list of things I was looking for: bumper pull trailer, 7' inside or taller, fully enclosed, full size escape door, dressing room. I was flexible on all of these as long as it was a nice, well taken care of trailer and figured I'd be pulling one behind my truck in no time. I had no idea how wrong I was.

The reasonably priced nice ones sell instantly. In fact my husband called on one ad within 15 minutes of it being posted and someone was already on their way to look at it. Sure enough it sold before we even had a chance. Most good ones are extremely overpriced and even many bad ones are asking way more than they are worth. Several were just plain ugly, while a good chunk are SCARY! I wouldn't put my kids bike inside, let alone a horse.

I have since edited my list:
1. Must not have tarps and bungee cords used to cover holes and hold it together.
2. Must not be covered in rust....if you painted over the rust with a can of spray pain it still counts as rust
3. Because you cut the top off of it does not make it a convertible, nor is it "great for those hot summer days" nor is it "great for those extra tall horses"
3. If it weighs more than my house, I can't pull it.
4. If you have to make the statement "not the best looking trailer" or "not for your snooty horse shows" then it's probably not for me since oh shucks....I do go to those darn snooty horse shows....if only I didn't.
5. By the way, I've never found being hateful in my ad a real selling point, such as "I don't have time for your crap so only call/email if your going to buy it". I don't have time for the therapy I may need from dealing with you so I'll look elsewhere.
6. I don't want your old broken horse free with the trailer.
7. I don't want your junk that's loaded down in the pictures of the trailer, nor do I want to have to clean it out. Come on folks, clean out your trailers before taking pics of it for sale. It's a real turn off to see one covered in poop and a tack/dressing room piled with junk where you can't even see in. Of course it let's me know you've taken real good care of it!
8. It says "it's sturdier than it looks"....uummm, I'll pass
9. I don't plan on eating my horses, so my trailer does not need to double as an oven.

Well, it's thunder-storming and there are tornado warnings everywhere, not exactly ideal riding/teaching weather, so I guess I'll stay in and keep looking. Cross your fingers for me!

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