Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pilgrim's Almost Back in the Saddle....again!

My farrier will be out tomorrow. I feel like he was just here! So does my pocketbook. Especially since I just got the vet bill from Jazzy. I can finally get Pilgrim's shoes fixed up and get him back to work. He needs it, he's becoming bored and pesky. Johnny on the other hand is thrilled to be on the farm. Every time I go to the back pasture he comes running up to greet me. I was back there three times today and every time he came running up!

May May was a huge pain in the butt today. She is really liking the new additions to the farm and is suddenly not wanting to leave her herd. The whole time in the arena she was super distracted and not listening. We got into a fight on the lunge and it took close to 30 minutes to get her to finally settle into her work. She was a jerk under saddle and it took awhile to work it out. I'm going to work her in the round pen tomorrow instead of the arena so I can just push her through it and not fight her so much.

Afternoon was full of lessons. I have a new student starting on Monday and we have a new horse coming into training this month. It moved onto the farm this last weekend with Johnny, but her owners rescued her and she needs some groceries before we can start working with her. Her name is Lulu and hopefully she will be ready in the next few weeks. She should be interesting as we have no idea anything about her.They found her tangled in a barbed wire fence and could never find the owners. Nobody even knows if she's broke! I'm assuming so as she recently had had shoes on all four feet, and vet said she had had her teeth floated previously. I'm betting she was somebodies trail horse.

Here's pics of one of my favorite students...they are all my favorites in their own way but this girl just gives everything and is a very talented rider, and I've had her the longest with going on 4 years now. She loves to compete and was Reserve Champion in Youth Showmanship last year. She also won Pole Bending and Ranch Riding several times.
Trying to stay warm
Lora Grace on Chip

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