Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Yesterday I worked through the misty rain. It cleared up for awhile before the real rain came. Luckily I had no lessons scheduled yesterday afternoon as Chuck had a late meeting planned and I had to take Dwight to Karate. I saddled Johnny as I had planned, but as with everything it didn't go as planned. I tried my dressage saddle, but it doesn't fit him. It's too narrow and ends up sitting on top of his withers. Luckily I have an all purpose saddle that fits him fine. My husband claims this is an excuse to get myself a new dressage saddle. Once the saddle was on I walked Johnny around a bit. He seemed pretty okay with the whole idea.

I have taken the morning off and Heather is taking care of critters. I have some kind of yuck that is causing a low grade fever, drainage in my throat, coughing, achy body, and general crap like feeling. It started last night and it is still kicking my butt this morning. While the family treats me like I have the plaque, the animals at home are taking good care of me! Thanks Trooper, Scout, Riley and Big Tuna! I have lessons this afternoon so I am saving myself so I can teach. I wonder if it would spook the horses if I showed up wearing a mask over my mouth!

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