Thursday, February 10, 2011

Whoever keeps praying for snow....STOP IT!

Enough said. Spending your day riding and teaching on the half of the arena not frozen and covered in snow is very limiting. Despite being frigidly cold outside, I managed to get my lessons in and things accomplished around the farm. The kids were out of school due the snow, so they were stuck with me, but Faith got some ride time in on Chip. It's suppose to start warming up and be in 50's and near 60's next week. I am so looking forward to a whole week of decent weather and I plan to take full advantage. Hold on to your shoes Pilgrim, we got work to do! =)

Dwight passed his green belt test at Karate tonight! We are so proud of him! 


  1. C'mon where is the picture of Dwight?

  2. We forgot the camera again, and I was too much of a nervous wreck to take pictures anyways. I think I almost squeezed Chuck's hand off during his sparring test! Don't worry though, his belt ceremony is next Friday and we will take tons of pictures!