Wednesday, February 16, 2011


As I got Pilgrim out for our morning workout this morning, I find myself wondering if we'll ever be ready for a show if we keep having interruptions in our training. While grooming and getting ready to polo wrap him, I found another injury. He hurt his back leg on his pastern. Nothing serious, but there was a little swelling and warmth, so I decided to play it safe and doctor it, give him a little bute, and give him the day off. He also had some cuts and bruising on his gums and lips from playing bitey face with CJ. I'm going to recheck him tomorrow and hope he is healed enough to work.
Pilgrim's newest injury
Don't ask me how he did this
Oowww! Somebody get him some toothpaste! Yuck!
I have gotten the newest horse in training out, Lulu, the last two days. She has been surprisingly calm, sweet, and smart. She has wonderful ground manners, is not spooky, saddles fine. I rode her yesterday with Heather leading with no issues and rode today on our own. We only walked since we weren't even sure if she was broke when we got her in, but so far has done great and has nice brakes, just sit and say whoa. After watching her movement on the ground free longeing her she looks trotty but we think she may be a racking horse. We look forward to seeing what all she knows. I'll try to get pictures of her up soon.

Unfortunately MayMay had a real setback in her training. This is her last week and we were hoping she would really do well. She had several good days, and today started well with her really listening and being good on the ground and longeing. When I mounted her, one of the new boarded horses started calling in her pasture and she went into a total panic, running me into the side of the arena and then throwing herself backwards. We had just worked through this issue last week! I ended up having to dismount and take her into the round pen, get back on and try to work it out. Grrr. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. 

Dwight on the other hand was very excited. With the weather being warm enough, we could finally take his remote control boat he got for his birthday out on the lake! 

Chuck teaching Dwight how to steer

Dwight's boat
Dwight takes over
Look out geese!

Trooper keeping a close watch

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  1. Ok so WHO was going to go into the water if the battery ran out on that boat? LOL! Is Trooper a retriever? Good to see the boys having some fun!