Monday, February 7, 2011


Superbowl Sunday
Chuck and I woke up early on Sunday to a phone call from Grams, where the kids were spending the weekend, that Dwight had a stomach virus and was very sick. We met her at the farm to pick up the kids. While we waited, we took care of all the horses, taking all the blankets off and feeding. It was very pretty and sunny, I wished I could have spent all day there! With Dwight not feeling well, we headed home to get him some much needed rest. Chuck and I spent some good cuddle time on the couch before I started preparing our Superbowl Feast! Not much of a feast, but lots of finger foods to snack on all during the game.
Yummm...pigs in a blanket
Yes, those Oreos are shaped like footballs!
Our favorite, Cheese and Sausage Dip
Our source of veggies for the day

Chuck was rooting for the Steelers and I was for the Packers. Chuck was pouting most of the game, and we were both disappointed in the commercials this year (my favorite part).  Dwight threw up Sprite all over the stairs, aahhhh the joys of parenting, but by the end of the night he seemed to be on the mend.

Dwight was feeling better this morning but he was definitely still really tired, so I kept him home from school today. I stayed home until late morning to make sure Dwight got some extra sleep and he was feeling well enough to come with me to the farm. After getting to the farm, Heather and I drove around to check out the new horses on the farm. We had several new boarders move in and we were excited to visit with our new friends. They all seem to be adjusting well.
Yeah!!! Pilgrim finally got his shoes fixed!
We worked MayMay and Johnny this morning before I had to head back out and pick up Faith, then rush back to the farm in time to meet my farrier. I let Faith ride while Pilgrim was getting his new shoes and until my new lesson came. She is a six year old and it's her first lesson, so I didn't mind the pony being a little tired! My new student is very cute, and even though I was informed she can be quite a handful, she proved to be very well behaved and listens great. They had a wonderful first lesson and seems to remember things well.
Faith riding Chip
Faith's so pretty!
This is MayMay's last week in training before going back home. We are going to work with her owners and her there, where she will be living, once a week after this. This doesn't mean we get to slow down. Besides still needing to get Johnny back to work, get Pilgrim ready for Spring dressage shows, we have 3 more horses waiting to come into training and several more on a waiting list. I'm tired just thinking about it!

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  1. New to your blog...

    Busy much? LOL! A Packers fan...shame on you:) That is one adorable pony! What a lucky daughter you have, getting to have an adorable pony like Chip:)