Monday, February 21, 2011

Naughty Blogger

I've been bad and haven't updated in awhile. We've been so busy and I have been so tired when I get home that I've been showering and crashing a lot. So here's what you've missed:

The morning was spent getting MayMay her last training ride in before she went home and working Lulu, lunging Johnny and Pilgrim. I did two quick lessons in the afternoon before rushing off to Dwight's green belt ceremony. Part of his ceremony they learned how to break a board! I actually thought Dwight might chicken out and not want to do it, but to my surprise he was one of the first to volunteer. He tried to break it with an "iron palm" but when that didn't work he did not give up and he did a stomp to break it. We were very proud of him, and he got to keep his board as a souvenir. We went out to dinner afterwards to celebrate.
Dwight getting his green belt

Dwight and Sensei

Getting ready to break the board
Dwight's attempt at "iron palm"

I for once did not have lessons on Saturday, and we got up early to go look at a truck. We took my brother who is a mechanic with us to check it out. We need it to haul the occasional hay and feed, but more importantly to pull a trailer. After a test drive, the boys gave it a thumbs up and I drove it back to the farm. MayMay got to go home today, so Heather and I helped load her and followed her home to help unload and talk the family through the adjustment back to home. She did great on the trip and seemed to know she was home. We then headed back to the farm where I rode Chip during one of Heather's lessons to help the student get used to riding with others and in a group class, since she is wanting to start showing this year. We then practiced jumping out in the field, where I got to act as a demo rider for her to watch and mirror while she rode. They had fun, and while I think Heather took a bit too much pleasure in my being out of shape and being sore when I got off, I have to admit I had fun too!
After all was done Heather finally had a chance to get on Pilgrim and take him for a spin. Come to find out it's definitely not a pain or soreness issue, or even a me issue, just a Pilgrim wanting to be lazy. They fought each other tooth and toenail, but Heather prevailed and Pilgrim actually had moments of self carriage! We are going to alternate riding him so he can get the best of both worlds! I'm sure he's going to love that!
Heather working Pilgrim

Heather and Pilgrim...and my thumb

Heather and I then had to go to a friend of ours Bachelorette party. Lots of fun and a long night later, I finally got to go home and get some much needed sleep.

Another beautiful day weather wise and after finally dragging my butt out to the farm I let Faith ride Chip. They had a good ride and got in a lot of really nice canter work. We then headed out to grocery shop and to bed early as I had an early morning on Monday.
A little late, I know, but I wanted to put up a pic of Faith's birthday cake from her birthday party.
I had to be at the farm at 6:30, feed, then head out with Jane and Heather to Roane State Expo Center to teach at the 4-H Clinic. We had a good attendance and a good group of kids and a lot of interest from many to join our show team. I then headed back to the farm to take care of the critters and after my evening lesson rescheduled for later this week, headed home early to spend some time with my husband. He was off for the holiday and got to stay home.
I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon to get a phone call letting me know that Rebecca (MayMay's owner) had successfully ridden her at her house with no issues. I was so excited I could almost cry!

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