Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My boys back to work!

I'm not sure how it suddenly drops 20 degrees one day to the next, but man did it get cold! To battle the cold I decided to layer up like the kid from "A Christmas Story" which worked great at first, but I quickly found myself sweating to the oldies while riding Pilgrim. He did well today. We worked lots of serpentines, circles and figure eights. Since he hadn't worked in close to a week I worked him in a lot of stretching frame with only brief periods of collection, asking him to go on the bit. He is really trying and I can feel his back round and him collect when I get that much desired bend at the poll, and his stretching frame is really nice! It was nice for the two of us to be working again. I missed my boy! MayMay was less kind to me, but we eventually worked it out. She kept trying to drag me to the gate and then threw a baby hissy fit when I tried to get her move off my leg. She eventually managed to focus the rest of the workout. Tomorrow is going to be busy....lots of horses to work in the morning and lessons all afternoon...last one ends at 5:30.

Dwight gets to test for his green belt in karate on Thursday...wish him luck...Go Dwight!
Faith studying hard
Faith's wall of horse show ribbons

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