Saturday, February 5, 2011

Crazy Weather

Today was one of those on and off days with the weather. It started rainy and windy, then turned sunny and quite pretty, then back to windy and downright cold. The boys (Heather's husband and my husband) helped us get projects done around the farm in between what few lessons that could get in around the weather. With Pilgrim still not able to be ridden until his shoes are fixed, Jazzy still on the mend, and Johnny still in week 1 of being on the farm (I'm doing two weeks groundwork before riding him since he's had so much time off), and the weather being pretty for a bit, I had the bug to ride and was running low on options. I broke out Chip and rode with our working student, Alexis, who rode Junie. The jump course was pretty nice, not slick, and we had just rearranged it so after a warm up we worked on jumping. Chip tends to get dull to leg pressure with so many students riding him and also picks up bad habits so it really helps for me to ride him on occasion and give him a tune up. Plus it was fun to jump again! Something I don't get to do all that often.

Tomorrow is Superbowl Sunday so we went grocery shopping after leaving the farm and picked up lots of snacks and stuff to make finger type foods. I'm throwing my husband a mini Superbowl party!

Yesterday was a race against the weather. Unfortunately, the weather won. By the time I got to the farm and the critters fed and medicated, etc..., I was only able to work Johnny. Then some weird slushy, sleety ice/rain mixture starting pouring out of the sky. My farrier apparently melts if he gets wet so he rescheduled for Monday afternoon, and Pilgrim completely lost one shoe now. (I still love my farrier...just so everyone knows) Johnny somehow got his entire forelock tangled in burs. It had to weigh like 5 lbs! Heather and I worked for about 20 minutes trying to get it out, but Johnny had had enough and eventually I decided to just cut it out. There were lots of sharp pointy ones and I was worried they were hurting him. I had to cancel my afternoon lesson due to bad weather.
Johnny post new haircut
His forelock, look at all those burrs!

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