Sunday, August 14, 2011

Independence Day!

Yesterday I allowed Faith to ride Jazzy off the lunge line. We rode in the round pen. Prior to mounting I reviewed the one rein stop with Faith and and bending and flexing. Faith practiced these once she got on which made me feel more comfortable about turning them loose. I stayed in the center to help act as a gas pedal. Jazzy is responding to Faith's leg to move forward but then dies out after a few strides of trot without the help. We are working on getting her to move more off Faith's leg and less off the lunge whip. It seems to be working, by the end they made it several times around on their own without my help at all. Jazzy is slowly gaining her confidence under saddle back and Faith is really enjoying working with her. I may have to change bits on her though and put her in a D ring or full cheek. She was turning well but I'm having Faith open rein her right now and she's in a french link O ring and it keeps pulling in her mouth. I think it'll help with her turns and be more comfortable in the long run for her. I have one in a single jointed snaffle but not in a french link, which I really prefer to keep her in so I guess I'll have to order one due to our severe lack of tack shops in the area.

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