Sunday, August 14, 2011


One of the full-care stall boarders has a registered Paint named Payton. I've been absolutely in love with this horse ever since we came to the farm. He's gorgeous and sweet and everything I like in a horse. I haven't sticked him but I'm guessing he's right at 16hh. His owner has been unable to do much with him for the last several years and he has been kind of left sitting. She is wanting to try to take lessons on him this fall and get back to riding him. We have reached an agreement with her that I'll start re-working him, training him and showing him for her, in exchange we can use him for lessons and let one of our students show him as well. Only down side is, the more I ride this horse, the more in love with him I become! He hasn't been ridden since I worked with him some in the spring, so Thursday I got him out and lunged him and hopped on him bareback and just walked and trotted around. Friday I warmed him up in the arena and then took him out on a trail ride with one of my students. I then hung out on him while Faith jumped, then her and I went and rode around the farm for a bit. It was nice to get to ride with Faith, we haven't been able to do that since late last fall. I worked him again on Saturday, working more on him collecting himself and traveling in frame, lateral, pivots, bending around my leg, etc...
Payton is a stomach with 4 legs who enjoys eating trees out on trail!
On board Payton
Enjoying some ride time with Faith

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