Sunday, August 7, 2011

River Glen Fun!

We took Faith to River Glen today to see the Cross Country part of their Summer Horse Trials. She has been bugging me that she wants to switch her focus from hunter and dressage to eventing. I figured the best way to find out if she really wants to try it was for her to see it up close and personal for herself. I figured if she decides she is in love, it's also the best place to find a trainer for her as well. Two local eventing heroes were competing and we were thrilled we got to see them both, Erika Adams and Leslie Wylie. Leslie's horse wasn't thrilled at the water, but both seemed to have beautiful rides.

While we all enjoyed watching the Horse Trials, I can officially say I was relieved when Faith said she wanted to stick with Hunter and Dressage for now. One, I think she is too young to tackle the cross country portion, even at elementary level. Two, while it's beautiful and exciting to watch, as a mom it would also be terrifying watching Faith careening down a hill at a gallop and jumping into water and over solid jumps! I praise her for her choice, but also was supportive if she chose to change her mind....letting her know she can always trailer out for lessons and give it a try if she still gets the bug.

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