Thursday, August 11, 2011

Off And Running!

Faith rode with Lora Grace today. They both had good lessons, Larkin was wanting to chase the pony a bit today, which was good to work on since she has a show in September. Faith jumped a full course of verticals today. Not one refusal and only chipped one rail with a back hoof....Chip jumped lazy and needed a bit more leg before the jump. Faith's hands and eye were really good and she made good equitation turns throughout her course (instead of some of the wilder routes she has taken that are only seen in Show Jumping). Really excited....hopefully they will be ready to rock out the Stonegate Show on the 27th. 
Faith let Dwight help groom Chip to ride.
Clean those hooves girl!
Enjoying some "girl time" in the field....horsey style!
After their lesson the girls helped with farm chores and we worked Jazzy again today. We were finally able to get some pics of her under saddle.

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