Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Cute Pics of Jazzy!

Again, I wasn't able to get pics of Faith riding Jazzy. I kept Jazzy on the lunge line again today, but handed most of the control over to Faith. She took over steering and using her leg to ask for her to go into the walk and the trot, and she was in charge of the brakes as well. I also put her in a group with other riders/horses so Jazzy could get used to working in a group and with distractions. Everything went super well...better than expected...and I think I'll be comfortable turning them loose in a ride or two.
I have to say, I'm a little sad school is starting back up next week. I'm going to lose Faith as a helper around the farm. This year she has really been a huge help...feeding, grooming, moving horses, helping get horses ready for lessons, showing timid new riders the ropes, being a camp counselor during Pony Camp, helping work with Lulu, and now helping me re-train Jazzy....not to mention all the ride time she has gotten in this summer. Darn responsible parenting.....guess she has to get her edu-ma-cation at some point...does horsey education count? I give her an A+! On a serious note....I was so proud she made the High Honor Roll last year and hope she can keep up her high marks this year as well. And Dwight is starting 1st grade this year!

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